Astrology of the 13 Signs of the Zodiac by Vasilis Kanatas

By Vasilis Kanatas

Astrology of the 13 symptoms of the Zodiac is a e-book and is the reason a brand new conception during this historical box of analysis. It used to be triggered by means of the truth that Western Astrology has outlived its lifetime and its parts were rendered out of date via its cousin, the technology of Astronomy. The precession of the equinoxes, that's, the move of the purpose of intersection of the celestial equator via the ecliptic by way of 50.2” (seconds of a level) every year, activates corresponding discrepancies within the predictions of astrology, which movement more and more clear of fact with each one passing 12 months. when you consider that a hundred A.D., whilst Claudius Ptolemy wrote his Tetrabiblos, the zodiac constellations have moved nearly 29.2° around the sky, sufficient to make sure that the predictions of Western Astrology are thoroughly misguided.

The Astrology of the thirteen indicators of the Zodiac takes under consideration all on hand sleek medical information about the particular positions of the thirteen Zodiac constellations and gives Astrology a manner out. the one moderate course now on hand to it's the attractiveness of the thirteen symptoms of the Zodiac and the recent idea, at the foundation of which the Moon and the solar are given their rightful position. In thirteen Zodiac signal Astrology, the Ascendant is represented via the placement of the Moon, the celestial physique which actually impacts our lives, and never through a few far-off constellation. finally, sunspots, that have a well-documented impression on this planet and its humans, tackle an immense position within the New Astrology.

Only the Astrology of the thirteen indicators of the Zodiac is firmly grounded within the sciences, and especially in Astronomy. It acknowledges the impact that the planets have over our lives via their interactions with the sunlight and the disturbances they reason in its magnetic box, and the impression this has at the magnetic box of the Earth itself.

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